Mr. Masahiro Tsuji


Defying category and genre, his clothes, when worn cannot be forgotten.
The clothes are infused with story and legend, those who wear his clothes step into the world of
imagination and fantasy, they are then trapped in joy and delight.

After he graduated from a design college and studied how to make products in a company,
he established BRU NA BOINNE with Ms. Naoko Tokuda in 1997.
Although there is a great amount of attention to deal with BRU NA BOINNE,
he does not want to be tied down by those details. He prefers to create in an organic way.
A collection overflowing with humor and originality.
He keeps creating new items, and they invite us to the new world.

Ms. Naoko Tokuda


“To go where none has ever gone with a strong conviction, wearing these clothes.”
She is another designer of BRU NA BOINNE.

After she graduated from a design college and cut her teeth in a clothing company,
she established BRU NA BOINNE with Mr. Masahiro Tsuji.
Having unique sensitivity for designing clothes, her designs attract many buyers.

From the different view, she designs men’s clothes, which is full of surprise and happiness.
No one can imitate her own unique style.
Not only her designs but her talent for expressing “fashion” makes a great impression on people. TOP